They say it’s darkest before the dawn.
Guess what, Cancer…
We’re bringing the dawn.

About Cancer’s Worst Enemy

Cancer’s Worst Enemy is an initiative by United to Cure Cancer to bring awareness of gynecologic cancer risks and promote early detection. It is our mission to eradicate cancer and we know that early detection is critical part of saving lives. To that end, we invite you to explore this website, empower yourself with knowledge, and become cancer’s worst enemy.

We seek to help women understand and address their cancer risk, so cancer never stands a chance.

We Fight Cancer with Information.

To develop the early detection test, we consulted with experts in gynecologic oncology, like New Mexico’s Dr. Karen Finkelstein. It is important to us that we provide not only information on your potential cancer risks, but resources to help you have a more productive conversation with your doctor. We have partnered with Southwest Women’s Oncology to deliver the latest information in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We Fight Cancer with Early Detection.

Early detection and prevention are cancer’s worst enemies. We know what a difference an early diagnosis can make in a woman’s chances of full recovery, so we encourage every woman, of any age, to take control of her future by knowing her risks today. Awareness, risk assessment, and proper screening are the best tools for detecting and beating cancer.